How a ‘Phygital’ strategy can help you expand your customer base

In this post, I will talk about how a ‘Phygital’ strategy can help you to expand and reach a larger customer base.  A Phygital strategy is worth considering and adopting if you have the network and infrastructure to support it. What does Phygital mean? In its simplicity, it means being physical and also digital, in […]


A critical component in strategy design that connects a brand to its strengths. During your strategy consultation or discovery meeting, list three things the brand are good great at. Those are the anchors and a good starting point.

What is Strategy Insight?

Strategy – a game plan for obtaining a desired goal. Insight – an understanding of the effects of one’s actions. What I do – My personalized Strategy Insight process is designed to game plan your digital strategy and eliminate distractions. It gives you the information you need to take action that fits your desired goal, […]