How a ‘Phygital’ strategy can help you expand your customer base

In this post, I will talk about how a ‘Phygital’ strategy can help you to expand and reach a larger customer base. 

A Phygital strategy is worth considering and adopting if you have the network and infrastructure to support it.

What does Phygital mean? In its simplicity, it means being physical and also digital, in order to offer your products and services to a larger audience for consideration in their purchasing decision. 

Here, the idea and objective is to create a seamless buying and service phygital experience for your customers, which starts with a transaction online or with a smartphone app that you own and control and ends with a transaction in a store that you equally own and control. 

Specific to a big conglomerate in the auto service industry, I will use AutoZone as a good example: As we all can attest, AutoZone is one of the largest and most trusted retailers of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories in the United States.

I cannot argue that they have the lionshare of the market.

When I need a part for my vehicle, I think AutoZone (not Amazon). When recommending to someone who needs a part for their vehicle, I almost always recommend AutoZone.

That is top-of-mind, tip-of-tongue awareness. A consumer benefit they have worked over years to earn and maintain.

But, look around you. How many AutoZone-branded service garages have you seen or know of? Specifically garages not the bricks-and-more retail store. I would assume none.

Just imagine if AutoZone had a network of branded auto service garages across the city to support their digital businesses. 

Here is how being Phygical could strongly benefit AutoZone and similar businesses alike. 

As a customer, I can buy parts conveniently on my smartphone or online on AutoZone’s app or website and reserve the installation service at a local AutoZone branded garage near me. 

Instead of spreading my money and data across several ecosystems, AutoZone is primed and positioned to capture both.