Quiksilver designs wetsuit that looks like a business suit

The first thing I thought when I first saw this was: joke , prank, publicity stunt. But it’s actually legit. This is the ‘True Wetsuit,’ a waterproof business suit wetsuit designed by Quiksilver Japan, all made from wetsuit material.

Johnny Depp transforms into Whitey Bulger character in ‘Black Mass’ trailer

Johnny Depp is Whitey Bulger in the first trailer from the upcoming crime movie ‘Black Mass.’ Depp transformed his body and voice to play the former organized crime figure who was convicted and sentenced in 2013 to two life terms plus five years for his crimes. ‘Black Mass’ hits theaters September 18, 2015. Warner Bros is distributor.

HTC ‘Cellami’ ad jabs at Samsung and Apple

HTC is making Samsung and Apple the target of their latest ad, which seeks to portray that some smartphone users may be suffering from fictional diseases that HTC is calling ‘Bi-Phonal Displeasure Disorder, SAD (Samsung Affective Disorder), and iOS (Irritable Operating System). Luckily, these fictional diseases have a cure, a medicine that HTC is calling ‘Cellami,’ which HTC is happy to say that you do not need if you own an HTC One M9.

Why 301 Is Used In YouTube View Count

In life, you question everything. The same should be true when it comes to managing your YouTube videos. Are you asking enough questions about the way your videos are discovered and viewed? Do you know if your view counts are fake? And how these fake views affect your analytics and returns? I think you’ll like what this informative video is about. It explains the reasons YouTube freezes a video count at 301.

A Pedal-Powered Segway That Has Raised $700,000 On Kickstarter From Pre-Orders And Fan Support

Here’s the product video of Halfbike II, a pedal-powered Segway-style bike that has raised more than $700,000 on Kickstarter.

Like the Segway, Halfbike II is a ‘status’ bike that can never replace a traditional bicycle (in my opinion) but you can’t deny the impressive $700k raised so far from pre-orders and fan support.

Although the product video makes riding the Halfbike look easy, bear in mind that you’ll need practice to be able to ride it with such an ease.

Guide To The Language Of Digital Video Advertising

[Example of branded content from Cadillac]

Tale a leap to a whole new level of learning key digital video advertising buzzwords.

Here are a few I compiled.

Pre-roll – Video ads served before a video stream
Mid-roll – Video ads served during a video stream in a commercial break
Post-roll – Video ads served after a video stream
Overlay – Banner/display/video ads served during a video stream (at the bottom of the video)
Promoted Video – When a brand pays the hosting platform (YouTube, Instagram, etc) to promote their video to reach more viewers
Branded Content – Promotional videos or webisodes paid for by a brand
Branded Entertainment – Same as branded content
Product Placement/Integration – Any product (car, iPhone, Macbook, location, etc) featured prominently in a video stream
Short-Form Content – A video stream with a running time of up tp minutes
Long-Form Content – A video stream with a running time of more than 15 minutes
Micro Content – Standalone excerpted clips from a video stream (usually under 2 minutes)
Mobile Video – Video ads served on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc)
Video Optimization (VSEO) – Relevant keywords, images and description used to improve search and discovery of a video stream
Video Publishing – Videos ads optimized and uploaded to the hosting platform
Sponsor Shout Out – When a host gives a “shoutout” to their fantastic sponsors in a video stream

Hope this helps. Post questions and comments in the comment box below.

Watch The Video Of How Instagram Carousel Ads Work

Instagram last month unveiled a new mobile advertising service called ‘Carousel’ that lets advertisers post a rotating number of photos and videos to expand the story-telling element of their digital marketing campaign.

Here’s a clip of how Showtime is leveraging Carousel to promote its TV series ‘Penny Dreadful,’ starring Josh Hartnett and Eva Green.

Using Twitter Amplify For Programmatic Mobile Video Advertising

If you’re looking into programmatic mobile video advertising alternatives, Twitter Amplify is one worth considering.

Twitter Amplify enables media companies and brands to capture the excitement on TV and distribute it to fans and audiences across Twitter, beyond their followers.

Audiences can immediately relive that moment or experience it for the first time on their mobile phones while they engage in Twitter conversations.

How it works in three easy steps

Step 1: Exciting content is broadcast on TV or other media channels

From sports to news to entertainment, every category has a highlight reel, and these highlights ignite conversations on Twitter.

Step 2: Real-time videos or photos are prepared for Twitter

The Twitter Amplify sponsorship includes a short, high-impact excerpt from the media partner’s content along with brand integrations, such as an ad pre-roll (up to 6 seconds).

Step 3: Sponsored premium content is delivered to targeted audiences

With Twitter Amplify, media partners and sponsors extend their reach far beyond just their organic followers.

Click here to watch another product video that explains how Twitter Amplify works and if it’s a something you could integrate into your programmatic mobile advertising strategy.

While Seriously Ambitious, Vessel Won’t Move The Needle In Online Video


Led by a former executive at Hulu, a new video site ‘Vessel’ seriously wants to compete in the vicious, unforgiving, shark-infested digital video landscape. 

Vessel’s strategy: to compete directly with YouTube, raise coin ($100 million so far), partner with web series creators, build and hope they (consumers and advertisers) come. 

I commend Vessel’s digital ambition. 

But then there’s digital reality. 

I take that back… Digital Reality Check!

The biggest challenge Vessel faces is that they are not offering anything unique or original. 

Plus, outside of the digital media industry, no one has heard of them. 

To be successful in the digital space (especially video) a company must move the cultural needle! Plain and simple, end of story, bottom line. 

I just don’t see Vessel doing this. 

Canadian Tourism Commission, Travel Alberta tap YouTube influencers as brand ambassadors

Brands and YouTube influencers collaborating on a marketing campaign isn’t an entirely new concept.

The Canadian Tourism Board and Travel Alberta recently partnered with two popular YouTubers (Louis Cole and Devin Supertramp) who have legions of fans worldwide on a promotional journey around the Province.

Cole boasts 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and over 117 million views across his vast video library.

Devin has 3 million YouTube subscribers and half a billion views across his.

The duo will cut a series of branded webisodes that will stream on their respective YouTube Channels as well across CTC and Travel Aberta’s digital properties.